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Medulux Health, the new formation of the Sanitas SPA Wellness group of companies, which has left its mark on the tourism sector for more than 30 years in the wellness sector at home and abroad, has made a strong entry into the health sector.

With its personalized health programs, it will serve you, the guests, with fast flawless service without losing its comfort, and most importantly, with confidence. The health group, which has proven itself to the whole world with its sustainability principle, is waiting to welcome its guests with treatment and supportive care.



Why Medulux Health

Contracted Doctors and Hospitals
We plan the appropriate specialist doctor for each patient based on their needs for the procedure or surgery. Our hospitals are internationally certified, and our doctors have a minimum of 15 years of experience and hold international certifications (ISAPS, ASPS). Prior to the operation, our patients have a consultation with their doctor.
Post Operation / After Care Service
After the operation, we provide our patients with services from certified, professional physiotherapists, dietitians, nurses, and lymphatic drainage massage therapists who work within our organization. We also provide personalized, hygienic complimentary amenity kits.
Happy Patients
Our patients can enjoy our 5-star spa/wellness services during their stay. As Sanitas Spa, we offer services such as Turkish bath, spa treatments, skincare, special massages, and fitness services. We also provide a skincare and spa experience one day before the operation.
Full Glowing Package
On your single visit (within 7 days), you can have consultations for spa, medical, dental, aesthetic, and check-up services. You can experience our VIP wellness services. We offer accommodation in our partnered 5-star international hotels and provide transfers with our VIP vehicles. Enjoy the exquisite services of Istanbul, the gateway to both Europe and Asia, and enhance your beauty.


See The Difference

Witness our amazing transformation! Experience this magical change with us. We’re here to help you.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, a pre-consultation is necessary before all aesthetic procedures. This is important for the doctor and you to discuss expectations and potential results.
This depends on the procedure done. Some procedures allow you to resume normal activities immediately, while others might require a few weeks of recovery time.
Anesthesia is typically used during procedures, so the pain is minimal. There may be some discomfort after the procedure, but this is usually manageable and temporary.
Results typically depend on the type of procedure and the individual’s unique healing process. Some results are seen immediately, while others develop over a few weeks or months.
Some aesthetic procedures provide permanent results, but remember factors like aging and lifestyle can cause results to change over time.


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