Why Medulux Health

Contracted Doctors and Hospitals
We plan the appropriate specialist doctor for each patient based on their needs for the procedure or surgery. Our hospitals are internationally certified, and our doctors have a minimum of 15 years of experience and hold international certifications (ISAPS, ASPS). Prior to the operation, our patients have a consultation with their doctor.
Post Operation / After Care Service
After the operation, we provide our patients with services from certified, professional physiotherapists, dietitians, nurses, and lymphatic drainage massage therapists who work within our organization. We also provide personalized, hygienic complimentary amenity kits.
Happy Patients
Our patients can enjoy our 5-star spa/wellness services during their stay. As Sanitas Spa, we offer services such as Turkish bath, spa treatments, skincare, special massages, and fitness services. We also provide a skincare and spa experience one day before the operation.
Full Glowing Package
On your single visit (within 7 days), you can have consultations for spa, medical, dental, aesthetic, and check-up services. You can experience our VIP wellness services. We offer accommodation in our partnered 5-star international hotels and provide transfers with our VIP vehicles. Enjoy the exquisite services of Istanbul, the gateway to both Europe and Asia, and enhance your beauty.



Free Assesment and Personalized Treatment Plan:

Commence your medical journey by sending a message via Whatsapp or by filling out the form and sending your related images for a free medical evaluation. Your patient coordinator will send you your package offer that includes your personalized treatment plan with a quote.


Welcome at the Airport, VIP Transfer & Exclusive Hotel:

It is always a pleasure to welcome you at Medulux Health. You will be picked up from the airport with a VIP car and taken to your exclusive hotel. You can enjoy and see the city before the day of your operation.

In-Person Consultation and Operation:

You will meet your surgeon and you will be able to ask all your questions in your mind. On the day of the operation, your patient coordinator will be with you, you will not feel alone during your medical journey. After the operation, all the necessary medications and corset will be provided.


1 Year Follow-Up:

Medulux Health’s post-treatment care team follows your recovery process for a year. You can update the team with images for the doctor’s evaluation during the aftercare process and ask all your questions about the recovery process

Top Surgeons, JCI and Temos Acredited Hospitals

Medulux Health contracts with experienced and highly-rated surgeons  and acredited hospitals to provide you with the best result.

Personolised Treatment Plan

Medulux Health doctors provide personolised treatment plans for each patient based on their unique condition.

Best Package Based on Your Needs
Medulux Health compares all the prices and chooses the best price offer for your all-inclusive package.

1 Year Follow Up

Our Coordinators Team  follows up on your recovery process for a year periodically.

Why You Should Choose Medulux Health?

Medulux health aims to provide you with high-quality treatment by contracting with highly-rated and experienced doctors; top plastic surgeons who have more than 15 years of experience, the best dentists with high-quality equipment, hair transplant doctors who have high patient satisfaction rates, and successful general surgeons who provide you with the weight loss. Giving priority to reliability, Medulux Health is an A-type medical travel agency and Ministry of Health-approved authorization documents. It has all legal permits and works with accredited hospitals. Medulux Health, which provides you with the best price with all-inclusive packages, guarantees you the best results and high satisfaction after your treatment. Medulux Health gives priority to transparency so, there is no hidden cost during your medical journey.

Having Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism and many patients all around the world travel to Turkey to enhance their natural beauty. Having Surgery in Turkey is preferred not only for affordable prices but also for high-quality treatments.Patients who come to Turkey and experience treatments are so satisfied that they recommend it to their friends and family. Medulux Health has numerous referral patients due to its customized treatments and good services. Having Surgery in Turkey is much more affordable even when you stay at 5-Star Hotel, use local transfer (VIP Car), and have a city tour. Don’t forget to try local foods and buy gifts from Turkey for your loved ones during your medical journey

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